Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What do you do with your physical body when you are angry?

"Think of something you imagine you can't do but would like to be able to do.

Now how would you stand if you knew you could do it? How would you talk? How would you breathe?

Right now, put yourself as congruently as possible in the physiology you would be in if you knew you could do it.

Make your whole body give you the same message. Make your stance, breathing and face reflect the physiology you'd have if you knew you could do it.

Now note the difference between this state and the one you were in.

If you are congruently maintaining the right physiology, you will feel "as if" you can handle what you didn't think you could before."
~ See Anthony Robbins Facebook Page

Tony Robbins, author of "Awaken The Giant Within" and the continuous, take-you-by-the-hand 30 Day audio program Anthony Robbins' Personal Power II The Driving Force!, is the life coach responsible for getting me consciously aware of these triggers.

Tony calls them triggers because he has discovered that what you do with your body has a direct effect to how you feel.

Check out this video of him being interviewed on The Hour to see what I mean.

@TonyRobbins says when something bad happens, you immediately start your physiological ritual of being in a state of anger, for example.

☀ You might clinch your fists

☀ You pout your lips

☀ You begin shallow breathing

☀ Since your lips are tight you then inhale and exhale through your nose

☀ You frown your eye brows

☀ Your shoulders go upright and tight

☀ Your level of intelligence stops - that's when you start saying stupid things

☀ You feel your body getting tense...

Everyone is unique so everyone might have a different ritual than you, but we all have them.

It's time you become aware of them and to stop doing them if they are doing more harm than good.

So if I have an angry ritual does it mean I can have a happy ritual instead? Or even a passionate or powerful or attractive or lovable or energetic or invincible ritual too?

Hell yeah!

There where times in your life when you were in on or more of those emotional states.

It's just a matter of triggering those physical anchors or even creating new ones, that slam you into that desired state instantly!

This Tony Robbins 30 Day Audio Program will show YOU how when you BUY it from Amazon » Anthony Robbins' Personal Power II The Driving Force!

Live With Passion!!

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: Live events are awesome but if you don't have that regular check up from your "coach" to remind you of the continuous and daily action you need to be committed to in order to eventually SEE and FEEL the success and happiness you want, chances are that you will take longer to achieve it.

See this audio program as having Tony Robbins in your car or home or laptop where you can reach out to him anytime of your day for strength, motivation and courage to Take That Massive Action that will lead you to your Massive Results.

I vouch for this audio program as the only program YOU will ever NEED when it comes to your on-going, successful personal development!!

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