Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 Reasons Why I'm In Love With Inspirational Stories

Reasons #1. They remind me that, like Les Brown puts it, It's Possible!.

No matter your current circumstances or background, no matter your race, gender or nationality It's Possible for you to achieve anything, if you want it bad enough.

Reasons #2. If he made it, even though he had less going for him that I do now, then so can I.

I always thought you had to have superhuman powers to do the things I saw or heard being done by the successful people I admired.

But there was no such.

They are human, just like you or me, they bleed like you and I do, and they even go to the loo to do the number two even, they even get sad at times also.

They are the average guy or girl on the street. Which leads me to Reason #3...

Reasons #3. Just because I'm ordinary doesn't mean I can't do the extraordinary.

Through the studying self development material I've found that the majority of the greatest minds in the world, didn't have a lot going for them in the beginning.

Just a dream.

And with that seed they become the "great" people we now see them to be.

It's funny how the masses celebrate success but shun away from the process.

Reasons #4. The process is there for your growth.

People don't like to work for what they want.

We want great rewards for little or no effort.

This instant gratification generation will become poorer, not only in financial terms, in the years to come until we return to the fundamentals of all success.

The law of sowing and reaping.

What you sow you will reap.

If you continue sowing, be it for a month or a couple of months or even years even, what you sow you WILL reap.

You sow bad.

You will reap bad.

You sow good.

You will reap good.

You sow nothing.

You will reap nothing.

It is law.

Reasons #5. They keep me motivated.

I was telling this BBM contact of mine that it's all about perception.

Yes there ARE bad things happening in the world.

With the media making it it's primary objective to profit out of the fear they publish in their newspapers and broadcast via their radios and TV, you sure as hell won't miss it.

That's because we are too lazy to take charge of our thinking and what we put in to it.

We take what has been fed to us via the movies and programmes we watch as truth, and we then walk around the world with negative lenses, pointing out how bad things are, when in truth it is neither bad nor good. It just is.

We need to make the story we tell ourselves about life work FOR us and not AGAINST us.

You are a stronger person if you go for the former.

Reading stories that inspire keeps me focused on the good of it all ~ the God of it all.

The positive aspects.

How I perceive something will become my reality.

Since the decision I take from how I perceive something will shape the direction of my life.

Is this the end or the beginning?

Is God punishing me or rewarding me?

Will I act from fear or will I act from love?

When you surround yourself with love, instead of fear, then all you see is love.

So be in love with it all.

Cherish the journey more than your destination.

Think of your goal and tell yourself every day that It's Possible!

Source out reasons WHY you should go on.

Remind yourself to always see yourself as extraordinary!

Understand that there is a time for sowing and there WILL come a time for YOUR reaping!

And make it you aim to read something inspirational, listen to something inspirational, do something inspiring or be with someone inspiring (yourself included) every day.

The Universe rewards action.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: With what was written above, this is why Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen's "Chicken Soup for The Soul" is one of my all time greats!

Where can you find a book of a collection of inspiring true stories from real people, which is what the book really is - a collection of real life true stories aimed to inspire...heck, even how the book eventually got published is inspiring?!

At the time of this posting you could download "Chicken Soup for The Soul" for $5.80 via Amazon.com, I highly recommended!


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