Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Finished My 20 Minute Bible Studying...

Apart from my 10 minute daily meditation, I also take part in a 20 minute Bible study so to, as Dr. Stephen R. Covey puts it, "spiritualize" my thoughts.

It's part of my daily rituals.

And what I've gathered from The Book so far is that when you take away the God factor in your life, things turn to take a turn for the worse.

Without God, you will eventually find yourself being in what successful people call "being out of the flow," an experience that could be likened to swimming against the tide.

You do not necessarily have to term this Higher Power of Good as God, but believing in One WILL make life easier for you.

And believing that this Supreme Being can make things better for you is a surefire way of getting back on track!

The New Testament seems to be painting God as a chauvinistic, vengeful, blood lusting, war loving, self centered, dominating being that is easily pissed off, and wouldn't think twice of sending His angels to kill you if you were to even think of breaking one of the Ten Commandments.

How am I suppose to love you when religion tells me I must fear* you?

A being that is to be feared and speaks only to the chosen among us.

But take that away and you being to see the real teachings hidden between the lines of The Bible.

That is why I said I was studying it (notes and all) and not just merely reading it so to quickly get to the end.

If you dust away the cobwebs and get to the things that you can use when absorbing The Bible, throwing away the other stuff you see a junk, then that is where your true learning will begin.

"God" is a personal experience that I can't verbally express in words for you to understand fully.

The true meaning would be lost in my words.

I then attempt to write these "imperfect" words for you to understand, and re-edit them through the ages, and out comes what the world accepts as The Bible - as if it is an authority of the Word of God.

Was it not the prophet of the Lord (the Law) Elijah who discovered that God was not in the furious wind, nor in the earthquake or even the fire BUT in the still, small voice within? (1 Kings 19:11-12)

I love you,

Musawenkosi Tshoaele

* food for thought: did you know that another definition of "fear" is "being in awe"?

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