Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If you want things in your life to change, change the things in your life

I've been wondering what makes that guy look so successful...

I also scratched my head in awe and interest of what makes that lady look so powerful...

My, my don't they look sophisticated, I smile to myself in admiration as I walk on by.

Yes, the sense of integrity they have in their dress sense counts.

The car they drive might be a factor.

But I feel if you were to strip those things away, they will resonate with success or power or sophistication still.

Maybe it's the belief they hold about themselves.

And that belief makes them walk taller and with purpose and have this penetrating focus in their eyes.

Maybe it's their charm and enthusiasm and how their are quick to smile and laugh, as if having being taught to do so by the vacation sun while enjoying a tan at some exotic beach in some Mediterranean island.

Their commanding voice projection, and how they aren't afraid to look you in the eye for longer than a 17 seconds could be added to their arsenal.

Could it be that they were influenced to act in such mannerisms by the company they keep of equally (if not more) successful, powerful and sophisticated associates?

Is it the kind of books they read or maybe the stuff they listen to?

Do they attend to training programmes or (web)seminars or workshops regularly?

Are they picky about what kind of thoughts they think about?

Maybe they have mentors or life coaches...

Surely they meditate or pray...

How about maybe they exercise...

...Who knows maybe it's some or all of the above.

But one thing is certain and that is they do different things that set their vibration in a different way.

It's not what you think about but how you think about what you think about that makes the difference in your vibes.

And when you think about things that make you feel good, you are in a positive vibration. Which in turn will attract positive people and opportunities that you must take inspired action on so to bring in positive results.

It's all in your head.

So bless and praise and appreciate all day and all night.

Not for their sake but for yours.

Make what happens in your life work FOR you and not AGAINST you - by giving it a positive, or at least a hopeful, meaning to it.

Perception IS everything.

I thank you.

And I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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