Saturday, August 4, 2012


You shouldn't come to the thinking that things are happening to you by chance.

Because even the most unexpected of events can be linked to the dominant feeling you've been feeling, as in the feeling you have been feeling most of the time of late.

And it is that feeling, your emotional guidance system, that tells you what you are in the process of attracting.

It's just that with practice you have found it easier to feel doubt, anxiety, fear and worry which then attracts events, people and circumstances that, when they come to you in your life, make you feel feelings of doubt, anxiety, fear and worry.

This is why it is recommended you gently and deliberately begin the adoption of new positive habits of praise, blessings, love and appreciation, to name a few.

This new way of thinking, when practiced daily, will then invite events, people and circumstances in your life that give you more things to praise, more things to bless, more things for you to love and more things to appreciate.

So even when you think things are happening to you spontaneously, they are actually the result of your daily rituals.

Rituals that include how you feel about what you think about when you think about it.

Begin the habit of blessing the people that have what you want.

Show appreciation for the clothes that you are wearing.

Praise the olympians that compete whether they win or not.

Love and fully accept yourself deeply and completely.

Become a Deliberate Creator.

Live the inspired life!

Thank you.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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