Friday, August 3, 2012

The Most Important Goal You Could Set For Yourself

The most important goal you could set for yourself is to feel good right now.

Even affirmations can help you in this regard.

Speaking about affirmations I believe you will find this article to your benefit especially since it was written by Justin Mazza.

The most important thing to note with affirmations is that when you use them try encouraging, believable words that give you hope, instead of words that feel like lies that just make you feel even more awful.

Instead of "I feel awesome," after experiencing an event that made you feel less than awesome, try

"I don’t know how, but I know things are going to turn out for the best.

I just need to slowly and deliberately work on my rampage of appreciation.

I seriously don’t know how, but since my thoughts create my reality, all I need to do is to monitor what I think about and how I think about what I think about, directing my imagination and visualizations and better life story to how I would like things to be, in time, things will turn for the better.

Thanks to the all powerful law of attraction."

The story you tell yourself has a direct influence to the events, circumstances and people you encounter.

So tell a different story, regularly, and you will eventually get different outcomes in your life.

Live the inspired life.

Thank you.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

PS: To grasp the true meaning of today’s blog I invite you to read Ask and It is Given since most would brush off the power in what has been noted above.

Begin to tell yourself a different story and you will have such beneficial and wonderful ramifications that will have you kicking yourself as to why you didn’t come across this simply process of creation earlier in your life.

It only takes a slight turn of the wheel for the boat to start heading into an all new direction.

In this context this “slight turn” comes in the form an idea which, once applied, will begin to lead YOU in an all new, easier and more improve life direction.

Something that will be revealed to you as you begin reading with understand today’s recommended read.

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