Thursday, August 23, 2012

You, Facebook & Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor wrote:

Now on to the intellectual factor, the human will.

The will is the mental muscle that enables you and I to concentrate.

Your will is the mental faculty which gives genuine power to your ideas.

If you have a sincere desire to become mentally strong, you must exercise your will.

It is absolutely essential that you develop your ability to concentrate.

Try and imagine a heart surgeon that has not developed the ability to give his or her undivided attention to what they are doing.

I am certain you would not want to be their patient.

Concentration, intense concentration gives real power to your ideas.

When you begin to master your ability to concentrate on one thing, you can virtually concentrate on anything ... and that's an invaluable skill to possess.

Thank you.

I love you.

~ Musawenkosi Tshoaele

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